Team SnapEDA updates
Team SnapEDA updates

New CAD models for E-Switch components!


New Supplier Models


We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with E-Switch, a leading electromechanical switch supplier that offers a wide range of switch types. With this collaboration, we now added hundreds of new symbols and footprints for E-Switch's products.

The new components include different sizes and styles of surface mount and through hole pushbuttons, rotary switches, rocker switches, tact switches, as well as single pole and double pole slide switches.

A switch is an essential component that can be used to control the flow of the signal in your circuit and to connect or disconnect electrical paths. Switches can be used for a variety of applications for consumer electronics, audio/visual devices, electronic instrumentation, medical equipment, testing equipment, telecommunications, security devices and many more!

The libraries were created by the SnapEDA team with standards approved by E-Switch. Start downloading these new E-Switch CAD models on SnapEDA! (1).gif

New CAD models available for Panasonic’s suppressors, noise filters and micro chip fuses!


New Supplier Models


To help engineers design faster, we have now added more CAD models for a variety of Panasonic’s products, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) suppressors, common mode noise filters, and compact micro chip fuses.

The symbols, footprints and 3D models were created by SnapEDA’s engineering team and approved by Panasonic. They are recommended to be used in multiple applications such as smartphones, AV and information equipment, RF modules and more.

The models are available to download in all major CAD formats, including Altium, Autodesk Eagle and Fusion 360, KiCad, OrCAD/Allegro, PADS/DxDesigner, Proteus, and more.

Start exploring Panasonic’s models on SnapEDA.

Panasonic phase 3.gif

Native slotted holes are now supported for Zuken eCADSTAR




Engineers can now access footprints with natively generated slotted holes for eCADSTAR on SnapEDA. Previously, engineers needed to send the drill shape information to the PCB fabrication house when using slotted holes. With this new conversion, the slotted holes are now defined as a native pad to help you save additional steps during design.

Slotted holes are used to allocate wider pins. Some components with wider pins are various switches or relays and connectors with mounting pegs, alignment pins or thermal shield tails.

To start downloading eCADSTAR parts, including those with the new native holes, simply find the part you need on SnapEDA, select Download Symbol and footprint > eCADSTAR and follow our Import Guide to add the part to your design.


New CAD models for Hirose Electric’s connectors are now available!


New Supplier Models


We have partnered with Hirose Electric, a manufacturer specializing in connectors. This new selection of over 1,000 new ready-to-use symbols and footprints will help bring your designs to life faster!

The latest models support a comprehensive range of PCB mountable connectors. They include contacts for flexible printed circuit (FPC) and flat flexible cable (FFC), board-to-board connectors, headers, receptacles, stacking board connectors, sockets and more.

The libraries were created and verified by SnapEDA's Component Engineering team following SnapEDA’s internal standards and were approved by Hirose. The models can be downloaded in all major CAD formats, including Altium, Autodesk Eagle & Fusion 360, KiCad, Cadence OrCAD/Allegro, PADS/DxDesigner, and more.

Start designing with Hirose connectors on SnapEDA!

Hirose launch.gif

SnapEDA now supports KiCad v6 native format


New CAD Exporter


We are pleased to announce that SnapEDA now supports the recently released KiCad 6.0 stable version.

With this new KiCad exporter, you can download native *.kicad_sym and *.kicad_mod files and import them straight into your design. No need to manually migrate and edit the old libraries anymore!

And that is not all! This new exporter also supports slotted holes natively in KiCad. This will save you time and improve the functionality of your design.

To get started downloading this new format:

  1. Search for the part you need on SnapEDA
  2. On the part page, click Download Symbol and Footprint
  3. Select KiCad > V6 and later
  4. That’s it! The file will automatically download to your device.

KiCAD v6 final.gif

View the datasheet revision that was used to create the symbol and footprint


New Feature


Datasheets occasionally change which makes it challenging for engineers to keep track of which revision a CAD model is based on. These changes can include mechanical dimensions and electrical pinouts, which will affect the CAD models.

To help engineers better validate CAD data, we have now added the datasheet revision in our automated verification checker. With this new feature, engineers will now have transparency into the exact datasheet revision used to create the CAD models, with an aim of preventing errors during the manufacturing process.

To prevent errors, engineers should always validate the CAD model they are using against the specific datasheet revision of their product.

To check the datasheet revision for a part:

  1. Go to the part page. You can try this example.
  2. Scroll down and click on Verification.
  3. A banner will appear under the Verification Checker indicating the Datasheet Revision used.


Over 13,000 CAD models for Abracon’s crystals, oscillators, and inductors are now available!


New Supplier Models


To help you design faster, we have added over 13,000 new CAD models for Abracon’s passive components. This brings the total coverage of Abracon’s products on SnapEDA to over 58,000 parts.

The schematic symbols and PCB footprints were created and verified by the SnapEDA Component Engineering team and approved by Abracon. The new libraries include a variety of crystals, oscillators, and inductors.

The models are compatible with all major CAD formats, including Autodesk Eagle and Fusion 360, Altium, KiCad, Cadence OrCad/Allegro, and over 15 more.

Learn more on our blog.


Design faster with new CAD models for PUI Audio’s microphones, speakers and buzzers


New Supplier Models


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with PUI Audio, an industry leader in audio and haptic components. Hundreds of models for PUI Audio’s catalog are now available to download through the SnapEDA engine.

The schematic symbols and PCB footprints were created by the SnapEDA Component Engineering team. The available parts include a variety of audio solutions containing microphones, speakers, audio indicators, and ultrasonic transmitters and receivers.

The libraries are available in all major CAD formats, including KiCad, Autodesk Eagle and Fusion 360, Altium, Cadence OrCad/Allegro, Proteus, and over 15 more formats.

Start exploring on SnapEDA.

PUI Audio.gif

Over 21k new CAD models for Amphenol’s connectors


New Supplier Models


We are pleased to announce that we have added over 21,000 new E-CAD and M-CAD models for Amphenol ACS products, including cable-to-board, D-sub, power, SFP, USB, and QSFP connectors.

The new models include schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models.

The libraries were created and verified by SnapEDA’s Component Engineering team and approved by Amphenol. They are available in all major CAD formats, including Altium, Autodesk EAGLE and Fusion360, KiCad, Cadence OrCAD/Allegro, PADS/DxDesigner, Zuken CR-8000/CR-5000, and over 15 other formats.

If a part isn’t yet available, it can be requested for free from the Amphenol ACS website.

These CAD models can be downloaded from the SnapEDA website and the newly integrated viewer on the Amphenol website. (1).gif

Learn more at

Over 100 new SPICE models from Taiwan Semiconductor products now available


New Supplier Models


To help you design faster and better, we have added over 100 new SPICE models for Taiwan Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers!

To find simulation models on SnapEDA, simply type in a keyword or the part number in the search bar. You’ll be able to see the results that have a simulation model by checking the Data Available column on the right hand side of the search results.

To filter the results to show only parts that have simulation models, click on the Filter tool, and select the simulation icon in the CAD Models and Data section.

Search rectifier.gif

On the part page, go to the Simulation Models tab and click on Download Model.

taiwan semi sim models (1).gif

Start browsing the new diode and rectifier SPICE models from Taiwan Semiconductor here.