Team SnapEDA updates
Team SnapEDA updates

New Support for Solder Mask Expansion


New Feature


You can now set the solder mask expansion on the footprints you download from SnapEDA.

Engineers often use land patterns with solder mask openings bigger than the copper pad. If the solder mask expansion is too small, there’s a higher risk of solder bridging, or the solder mask might cover the pads during manufacturing, potentially leading to an unsoldered device.

This new feature will allow you to customize the solder mask expansion depending on your fabrication needs. It supports Altium, Orcad, and KiCad.

You can update your solder mask expansion preferences by going to your Account Settings and selecting one of the following options:

  • Default (as per software)
  • 1:1
  • 0.05mm expansion
  • 0.1mm expansion (2).gif