Team SnapEDA updates
Team SnapEDA updates

New updates to our KiCad exporter!




To keep improving the SnapEDA experience in KiCad, we've made some new improvements to our exporter:

  • We now support the bottom fabrication layer (B.Fab layer)! This layer is often used to add component outlines and other instructions for manufacturing.
  • We have updated the way we handle custom pads based on your feedback on the KiCad forum to ensure DRC is working correctly. We are now placing custom-shaped polygons into the pad primitive.
  • We improve the placement of informational text used in schematic symbols to prevent overlaps
  • We now support rounded rectangular pads
  • Improvements to handling of IEEE-315 schematic symbol translation to KiCad, including small details like handling of arrows to show current flow, etc.
  • Fixes to how we handle arcs in PCB footprints
  • Fixed a bug where the "PCB Edge" text would be added with an active low line

Custom pads KiCad.png Custom pads will now properly raise DRC errors

Diode.png We now properly render triangles and arrows in schematic symbols