Team SnapEDA updates
Team SnapEDA updates

Over 500 InterFET CAD models now available at SnapEDA


New Supplier Models


InterFET is the largest supplier of JFET products in the world. Their products include component and sub-assembly computer circuitry, medical instrumentation and devices, test and measurement instrumentation for a variety of analog and digital applications, defense systems, air and spacecraft, geophysical exploration instrumentation, and consumer products.

At SnapEDA we are pleased to announce we have created and verified over 500 schematic symbols and PCB footprints from InterFET. The new libraries include junction field-effect transistors (JFET) and voltage regulator diodes. Additionally, these models can be imported into all the major CAD formats; as a result, this will save you hours of designing time. Start exploring InterFET products on SnapEDA.