Team SnapEDA updates
Team SnapEDA updates

Updates to the SnapEDA Verification Checker: Automated verification of Pin 1, pin sequence, and swap levels





We've added new checks to our verification technology! To help provide more transparency into the quality of CAD models we provide on SnapEDA, our verification checker will now check for the presence of a Pin 1 indicator, check for anomalies in the pin sequence of a footprint, as well as check swap levels. Why are these new checks important?

  • Pin 1: Marking pin 1 is essential to understand the orientation of the component during debugging, and to ensure components are oriented correctly during assembly, particularly for components that are hand-assembled.
  • Pin sequence: You've verified the pin mapping between your symbol and footprint, but did you check the pin sequence on your footprint? Although a more rare point of failure as compared to pin mappings, if you've made an error with the sequence, then you'll have introduced a major issue. SnapEDA can now check pin sequence and flag anomalies!
  • Swap levels: If swap levels haven't been added to your component, then your EDA tool won't be able to use features like gate swapping correctly. We now have a check to ensure swap levels have been added correctly.

We hope these new verification checks provide you with more transparency into the quality of your libraries.

Let us know which checks you'd like to see next!

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